Embark on a paranoid space adventure with your colorful crew of astronauts in Among Us! Your mission? To keep the spaceship running smoothly. But beware – Impostors lurk among you, ready to sabotage everything!

A Wolf in a Spacesuit

One of you, brave space rangers, is a traitor. This person is here to kill every single one of you before you have a chance to reach your destination. Moreover, they will sabotage the ship’s critical systems to keep you busy and divert your suspicions! Another dead body shows up in a hall, and everyone’s getting covered in cold sweat. Who’s the murderer? That’s what you’re going to find out… hopefully!

How to Play Among Us

• Complete various space tasks to keep the ship heading forward.
• Keep an eye out for any suspicious behavior.
• When in doubt, call an emergency meeting.
• Share suspicions, defend your innocence, and vote off the impostors.
• Customize your adorable crewmate with hats, skins, and colors.

Trust is a rare commodity in the vastness of space. Build alliances, form bonds, and then shatter them when the time is right. Will your friendships survive the cosmic deceit, or will betrayal be your ticket to victory? Play Among Us and find out!

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