Strap in, methheads! Cause Happy Wheels is here to redefine your definition of fun, road safety, and wheelchairs!

Happy Wheels Highlights

• Pick Your Wild Ride: Choose from a range of crazy vehicles that are anything but road-friendly. Whether it’s a wheelchair, monocycle, or even a shopping cart, that’s what you’ll have to do with navigating blood-splashing obstacles and limb-cutting traps!

• And Your Wacky Character: The guys riding all this stuff are not your typical racing game protagonists. You’ve got a dad on a lawnmower, a businessman on a pogo stick, and of course, the iconic reckless grandpa who doesn’t count disability as a reason to stay home.

• Beat Insane Levels: From spiked pits to giant wrecking balls and everything in between, each level is designed to test your skills, make you cringe, and maybe scream a little (in a good way).

• Enjoy Glorious Physics: Brace yourself for the wildest physics engine of your gaming life! Expect flips, flops, and dismembered limbs – because in Happy Wheels, the more outrageous, the better.

So, ready to roll? The wheels are spinning, and so is the fun. And you’re sure to have tons of it in Happy Wheels!

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