That’s Not My Neighbor thrusts players into the role of a doorman in a seemingly ordinary 1955 apartment building, where a darker reality lurks beneath the surface. Employed by the enigmatic Doppelganger Detection Department (D.D.D), players are tasked with the critical job of distinguishing genuine humans from doppelgangers—entities that perfectly mimic human appearances for sinister purposes. This engaging setup blends horror elements with the tension of a thriller, where players must use their judgment and investigative skills to protect the building’s residents.

Strategic Tools and Tense Gameplay

Players are equipped with an array of investigative tools that are essential for verifying the identities of each visitor. Key gameplay elements include the use of a security window for visual inspections, a telephone for urgent consultations with D.D.D, and detailed checklists to track and record interactions.

Every decision counts, as incorrect judgments can have dire consequences for the building’s safety and the player’s progress. The game ramps up the suspense with each level, introducing more sophisticated doppelgangers and complex scenarios that challenge the player’s observational skills and quick thinking.

Interactive Environments and Consequential Choices

In That’s Not My Neighbor, the environment plays a crucial role in the gameplay. Players interact with a variety of elements within the doorman’s booth and the building’s entrance, including a hatch for document exchanges and an emergency button for immediate threats.

The game dynamically evolves based on the player’s choices, leading to multiple endings and narrative paths that reveal deeper layers of the story. Each playthrough offers unique challenges and outcomes, encouraging players to explore different strategies and uncover all aspects of the intriguing world crafted by Nacho Sama.

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