Welcome to a daring online adventure in the world of geometric challenges – a new trial awaits! This is a popular series with a restless neon cube in the main role. The protagonist has only one mission – it has to maneuver through an array of relentless traps. Your task is to guide the hero through a multitude of trials, and with countless obstacles, perfection may seem elusive, but patience is the key to improvement. Ready to dive in? Hit that play button! Be prepared for endless levels that become more and more challenging as you move forward. But do not give up too soon, and your efforts will be quickly rewarded.

Do not miss the jump moment!

Your focus narrows down to two essential tasks. Firstly, navigate the hazardous terrain, avoiding traps that could be fatal for your hero. Simultaneously, seize the opportunity to collect stars strewn along your path, each one contributing to your score. This activity caters to players seeking high-speed thrills and quick reactions. Even advanced users may need some training and patience to develop the necessary rhythm. Smart players will instinctively leap to elude dangers, with each new level introducing a more intricate challenge. Unexpected obstacles may catch you off guard, but stay composed, ready to execute the perfect move at the precise moment. This seemingly simple game effortlessly puts your reflexes to the test. Play whenever you want – the game is accessible from smartphones!

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