Gear up for an uproarious showdown filled with wacky tactics and belly laughs in TABS! Dive headfirst into the joy of assembling an army that’s so absurd it makes the war zone look like a circus arena. In this game, the battlefield isn’t just for strategy – it’s a stage for the most comical and unexpected antics your units can muster!

How to Play TABS:

• Experiment with a mishmash of units that wouldn’t make sense anywhere else but in the TABS universe.
• Gather the most unbelievable and absurd army the world has ever seen.
• Place your units like a mad strategist – because only a madman would go to war with a motley bunch like that!
• Roll with laughter and enjoy the nonsensical, hilarious battle adventure that is TABS!

Offering the ultimate mix of fun and strategy, TABS is where dinosaurs fight alongside tanks and medieval knights lead the charge under the cover of helicopters. It’s where the absurdity of your choices is celebrated, not frowned upon. So plunge into the chaos, assemble your quirky army, and let the hilarity ensue!

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