Meet Papa Louie, the pizza mogul himself, and your trusty guide through the world of Papa’s Pizzeria! You, the lucky player, are now the proud employee of his pizzeria, tasked with turning out pies that make mouths water and bellies growl. Will you cope with the rollercoaster of recipes and orders?

Papa’s Pizza Guide

• The Order Station: That’s where you’ll take the pizza plunge. Customers come in with their unique pizza cravings, and it’s your job to translate those cravings into cheesy masterpieces.
• The Build Station: Get ready to assemble the wildest culinary creations! Sauce, cheese, and toppings – it’s like building a tower of flavor, one pizza layer at a time.
• Cutting Station: Precision is the name of the game. Slice those pies with the finesse of a pizza ninja, because in Papa’s world, uneven slices are a pizza faux pas!

But what about the tips? Papa’s Pizzeria rewards you for your pizza prowess. The better you make those pizzas, the fatter your wallet becomes. So, get ready to toss, top, and serve your way into pizza fame – and make Papa Louie proud!

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