The Bloons are coming, and our intrepid monkeys are ready to defend their home jungle with even more zest and determination than before! Step right up to the craziest balloon-popping party and unleash your inner monkey warrior in Bloons TD 4. It’s gonna be a real blast, no pun here!

Bloons TD4 Features

• Monkeys Assemble: Take command of a quirky army of monkeys, from dart-throwing apes to explosive bomb shooters, assemble your primate crew to fend off the incoming bloon invasion.
• Bloons Army: Face waves of bloons of different shapes and colors, each with its own devious plan to sneak past your defenses.
• Tower Defense Mania: Strategically place your monkey towers along the path to halt the bloon advance.
• Upgrades Frenzy: Earn in-game currency by popping bloons and use it to enhance your popping power, increase attack speed, or unlock special abilities.
• Special Agents: Unlock and deploy unique monkeys with special abilities to turn the tide of battle.

Are you ready to tap into your inner primate and become the ultimate bloon-popping commander? It’s time to find out with Bloons TD4!

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