Brace yourself for a tooth-rattling adventure in the wild world of Mini Tooth! You’re not just a gamer, you’re a cute, pint-sized tooth on a mission to find happiness in the chaotic dentist clinic of destiny. Yeah, that’s right – a tooth with dreams and aspirations, and it’s up to you to make it happen!

Mini Tooth on the Run

So, your Mini Tooth is falling out, and instead of freaking out, it’s wriggling around like a mini daredevil. Be the tooth fairy’s wingman and assist this little fella in finding the elusive happiness. Move around with the grace of a tooth ninja, be agile, be speedy – this ain’t your grandma’s tooth extraction, this is a real adventure!

Game Features

1. Pixel Madness Unleashed: The visuals are like a retro dance party. Every jump, wiggle, and toothy grin is a pixel masterpiece.
2. Hurdles and Foes: Courage is your tooth’s middle name. Face obstacles like a boss and show those dental adversaries who’s the real king of the clinic.
3. Keys, Portals, and Toothy Triumphs: Each level is a dental delight with its unique set of challenges. Grab keys, activate portals, and navigate the tooth through the dental maze of destiny.

There are 30 levels pure toot-tastic chaos waiting for you, soaked in classic platforming action and retro fun. Buckle up, be the tooth whisperer, and guide your restless hero to its new, brighter future!

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