Prepare for a gaming adventure that’ll suck you into a vortex of competitive fun! is here to redefine the meaning of devouring everything in sight. Take control of a ravenous black hole as it embarks on a chaotic journey through a bustling city, consuming everything in its gravitational pull to reach colossal proportions!

How to Play

• Outwit fellow players in a battle of cosmic proportions.
• Engulf objects, cars, and even buildings – the bigger, the better.
• Grow as you swallow everything in sight.
• Fight for dominance by devouring other black holes that dare stand in your path.
• Challenge your pals to a cosmic showdown and leave them in awe of your black hole mastery.
• Eat your way to the top of the leaderboard and assert your black hole supremacy. is not just a game – it’s a vortex of mayhem, a cosmic ballet of destruction where every move counts. So, if you’re ready to unleash chaos and strategize like a space genius? It’s a battle of cosmic proportions, and you’re on your way to glory just as huge as your black belly!

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