Ever wondered what it’s like to play the role of a life architect? Well, get ready for a unique gaming experience that goes beyond the usual simulators. In Classroom 6x Bitlife, you become the author of someone’s entire life story, from birth to death. It’s an unusual role, but it’s really exciting! Are you up for the challenge?

Let’s delve deeper into the game.

The game doesn’t throw you into spectacular adventures. Instead, it unfolds in a more intricate story. Your journey begins from the moment your character is born. And from that point onward, you shape your hero’s destiny. Witness your character grow and navigate through life stages, making choices at every step. Guide them through childhood, help with studies, build relationships with parents, start a family, and even raise children. The beauty lies in the absolute freedom the game offers – there are no inherently good or bad decisions; they merely influence the plot development. Every player’s experience is unique as your choices determine whether your character becomes a paragon of virtue or takes a less savory path. Some may opt for progress, while others might avoid hard work and regress quickly. The game presents numerous scenario possibilities, but the ultimate goal is to ensure your character leads a happy, fulfilling, and active life.

Make your hero happy!

However, making the right choices isn’t always straightforward. To succeed, keep an eye on three vital parameters – happiness, health, and smartness. If these bars are high, you are on the right track. If any of them goes down, it is time to change the approach. While the road to a good outcome may be challenging, be wary of risky adventures that could lead your character down a dangerous path, perhaps even to untimely death. The choice is yours – will you craft a happy life for your character, or will you become a victim of the temptations of the unknown?

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