Thrill-seekers will enjoy a new adventure full of risk and danger. It is a gripping narrative that is sure to captivate you – the Yandere AI Girlfriend Simulator. Step into a world where artificial intelligence takes center stage, powering a character that anticipates and adapts to your every move. Ready to test your ability to outsmart technology? You are a guy who uses AI to create an ideal girlfriend. However, there’s a catch – your virtual sweetheart comes with yandere tendencies. Just picture a caring and loving partner who transforms into a possessive and intense in the blink of an eye. Ready to navigate the complexities of this digital romance?

The outcome is unpredictable!

You will be locked in one room with the girl. She is more than obsessed with you and tries to keep you close. The slightest misstep or a wrong word can trigger her into a potential killer. You can only escape by convincing her to open the front door. But it will be a true quest! You must navigate a delicate dance of wits to evade her suspicions. Explore the surroundings, interact with various objects, and devise a clever plan to exit. This deadly quest demands ingenuity, and not all players will survive. Ready to face the challenge?

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