Fancy one hell of a pizza? Prepare for a pepperoni-flavored adventure with a side of dough-rolling, topping-stacking madness that will leave you craving for a second helping! The Pizza Tower awaits, so keep your pizza cutter at the ready, we’re going right in!

Join Peppino, Save Your Pizzas!

First things first, meet the protagonist, a pizza delivery guy named Peppino. He may be wearing that red delivery jacket, but underneath, he’s a real hero on a quest to save his pizzeria from hordes of wacky monsters. The heat is on, and the stakes go up with every floor you conquer. Will you be able to get to the very top?

Pizza Tower Special Features

• Bizarre Levels: From climbing through towering stacks of pizzas to bouncing off trampolines made of dough, each level is a pizza-themed fever dream.
• Cheese and Sauces As Weapons: The only thing Peppino knows well is pizza, so prepare to sling that cheese like nunchaku and shoot that hot sauce right into your enemies’ eyes.
• Wacky Foes: Giant mushrooms, living pizza slices, and bouncing sausages – it’s gonna take more than your regular platforming skills to get through!

Well, Peppino, it’s time for the ultimate pizza delivery quest! The orders are in, and so is the wild fun of Pizza Tower! Good luck up there!

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