Welcome to Eggy Car, the game that’s rolling onto the scene with more yolks and puns than you ever thought possible! Get ready to crack a smile and maybe a few eggs as you drive through levels just waiting to give you a hard egg transportation time. Will you manage to get this egg to the finish line undamaged?

How to Play Eggy Car

At first sight, it’s just another driving sim where you have to overcome tricky levels, conquer wild tracks, and demonstrate your reflexes and maneuverability dodging all sorts of crazy obstacles. But wait, Eggy Car has a special condition thrown in – you’ve got an egg on top of your car, and you have to deliver it to the finish line without a crack!

• Mind those bumps and swerves – one false move, and your egg comes rolling right off!
• Adjust the speed and don’t hit the brake too hard – or you might just send your precious cargo into a free flight!
• Reconsider the physics with that egg ready to leave its unreliable roost any second in mind.
• Don’t forget about the obstacles – they’re still there, and now more treacherous than ever!

While on your way, keep your eyes out for coins, power-ups, and all sorts of bonuses that are there to make your trip easier and keep your egg whole. Are you ready? Then hit the gas and pray that egg holds on tight!

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