Nobody wants to live in a dull and gray neighborhood. So grab your bucket of paint and let’s splash some color over these boring walls! Time to unleash your inner artist and start painting like there’s no tomorrow. Swipe left, then right, up and down – the job is done, and the house is a rainbow!

House Paint Rules

• To conquer every level in House Paint, you gotta do one thing – paint it all.
• Swipe your way through the virtual canvas and fill every nook and cranny with your vibrant hues.
• It’s about strategic color placement, a dash of creativity, and a sprinkle of paint wizardry!

Not as Simple as It Seems

Rather easy and self-explanatory at first sight, House Paint packs quite a color punch as you progress. Each level is trickier than the last, and you need to really wreak your brains to nail it. There is a solution for every level, you just have to try a little bit harder to find it!

Grab That Brush and Let’s Get Painting!

So, there you have it – House Paint, where white houses are a canvas, and you’re the new-age designer ready to fill it up and make it shine. Swipe, paint, conquer – the puzzle is yours to unravel. Are you ready to make those colors dance to your swiping tune?

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