Embark on an exhilarating sprint through Mushroom Kingdom with everyone’s favorite plumber, Mario! Super Mario Run transforms the classic side-scrolling adventure into an endless runner, bringing a new level of excitement to the iconic pixel world. Let’s hit play!

Super Mario Run Features

• One-Handed Hops: All you need is a single tap to make Mario jump, avoiding obstacles, collecting coins, and stomping on familiar foes.
• Coin-Collecting Quest: Precision jumps and skillful timing are your allies as you aim to gather every coin in your path.
• New Characters and Challenges: From Luigi’s fluttery jump to Yoshi’s speedy dash, experiment with different characters to tackle challenges in fresh and exciting ways.
• Challenging Boss Battles: Face off against classic Mario series bosses in intense showdowns.
• Rebuild the Kingdom: Unleash your inner architect, customize your own Mushroom Kingdom, place buildings and decorations to attract Toads.

So, ready to test your speed and pixel reflexes? Then hop right into the action, race through the iconic 8-bit levels, and save Mushroom Kingdom yet once again in Super Mario Run!

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