Fire and water can work miracles when working together. And this game is living proof of that! Join Fireboy and Watergirl as they venture into another mystical dungeon on a hunt for shiny crystals, and prove that you’re always stronger as a team!

Fireboy and Watergirl Gameplay

So, Fireboy, a flame-fueled hero, and Watergirl, the aqua-loving heroine, are embarking on a quest through intricate levels filled with puzzles, gems, and as many twists as those ancient temples and underground mazes can host. What are they after? Those sparkling red and blue stones scattered all around. Some of them aren’t so easy to get to, and that’s where your elemental powers will come in handy!

• Fireboy can go through flames unscathed. Lava is his floor, so whenever you need to get to that switch across a treacherous lava lake – it’s his call.
• Watergirl doesn’t drown in water and can simply walk across pools of it as if it was solid ground. Moreover, she doesn’t slip on ice hills and can climb right up in no time.
• Red crystals can only be picked up by Fireboy, while blue ones are reserved for Watergirl. Keep that in mind while deciding who does what and who goes where.

So, guide the restless duo through all the traps and puzzles, one move at a time, or grab a buddy to play together! Can you cope with all the hurdles and pick up all the gems? We’ll see!

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