Nightly Trials in Go to Bed

In the game Go to Bed, what seems like the simple act of getting ready for sleep turns into a tension-filled ordeal. This compact horror game, created in just two weeks for the “DreadXP End of Summer Bone Jam,” introduces players to an ordinary setting that quickly spirals into the realm of the eerie and unsettling. Each level challenges players to overcome various nocturnal disruptions that range from mildly unsettling to downright terrifying. The goal is clear yet challenging: solve the mysteries and disturbances in order to safely go to sleep.

Master the Darkness with Intuitive Controls

The control scheme in Go to Bed is intentionally minimalistic, designed to enhance the immersive experience without overwhelming the player. Movement is controlled through the WASD keys, allowing for fluid navigation through the game’s environment, while interactions with objects—a key component of gameplay—are managed with a simple press of the ‘E’ key. This setup ensures that players can focus fully on the unfolding horror scenarios without distraction. As situations escalate in intensity, the ability to quickly and effectively interact with the game world becomes crucial to surviving the night and successfully advancing to the next challenge.

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